​​An official court transcript is important not only for the family and friends of the deceased, but because the coronial finding may be reviewed by public authorities who have a role to play in preventing similar deaths.

All coronial inquests and fire inquiries are sound recorded. Official court transcripts, which are written records of the court proceedings, are made from these recordings.

It takes approximately 3 months from the hearing for the transcript to be processed.

How do you order a transcript?

To order a transcript, you may send a written request, or use the Application for access to coronial documents form.

The fees for transcripts are set by Part 5 of the Civil Procedure Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2020

These fees are:

1.    Supplying a duplicate recording of sound-recorded evidence - $55 per disc/USB

2.    Supplying a copy of a transcript of any proceedings

 (a) where the matter being transcribed is under 3 months old - $94 for the first 8 pages, and $11 for each page after the first 8 pages; or 

(b) where the matter being transcribed is 3 months old or older - $115 for the first 8 pages, and $13 for each page after the first 8 pages 

Please send the form or written request by email, fax or post. Payment must be received before the request can be processed.

Can you make a copy of a transcript?

Copyright of the transcript is owned by the State. Transcripts cannot be photocopied or used in any other way. ​ 

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