Forms and fees


Application for access to coronial documents​


Fees payable for copies of coronial documents are prescribed under the Civil Procedure Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2020. The fees are listed in the table below and on the application form above.

The Coroner's Court policy is to waive these fees if the documents are being provided to the Senior next of kin of the deceased, investigating police, and some government organisations. 

Other people may appy for fees to be waived or postponed if they meet the criteria set out in the Fee waiver policy​ (which applies to the Coroner's Court as well as the courts specifically listed).


The senior next-of-kin (SNOK) is exempt from paying fees for access to documents in current coronial matters. They are only charged if they have already been provided with a copy of the documents, or if the request relates to a finalised matter which needs to be called in from the Government Records Repository (GRR).

Surcharge for older records

A surcharge is payable if the application relates to records more than 3 years old as these are not kept on-site at Lidcombe. The surcharge is in addition to any other fees payable and the current fee to obtain archived records is $84 per box. Some larger coronial matters are held in more than one repository box.

Full brief of evidence

$13 for the first 20 pages (minimum fee) & $7 for each 10 pages thereafter

Police OIC statement

$13 for the first 20 pages (minimum fee) & $7 for each 10 pages thereafter

Autopsy report

$13 for the first 20 pages (minimum fee) & $7 for each 10 pages thereafter


Where under 3 months - $94 for the first 8 pages & then $11 per page thereafter Where over 3 months - $115 for the first 8 pages & $13 per page thereafter

Findings and/or recommendations/ reasons for dispensing

Most coronial findings from 2014 onwards are on our website -

For findings older than this there is a charge of $13 for the first 20 pages (minimum fee) & $7 for each 10 pages thereafter. Reasons for dispensing are $13 (minimum fee).

Goods & Services Tax

Court fees are exempt from GST.


Fees may be waived in certain circumstances. See Local Court Fees for more information. 


Please select this link obtaining access to coronial records for more information.

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