Coroners Court overview

The State Coroner's Court in Lidcombe, Sydney is the state headquarters for the coronial jurisdiction in NSW.

The State Coroner oversees and coordinates coronial services in NSW, and is assisted by the Deputy State Coroners. The State Coroner and Deputy State Coroners are all magistrates. Every Local Court magistrate is also a coroner, and may be assisted by an Assistant Coroner.

Annual caseload 

Coroners in NSW investigate approximately 6,000 reportable deaths annually. Investigations into an average 3,500 deaths annually are coordinated through the Coroners Court in Lidcombe while investigations into a further 2,500 deaths a year are coordinated by coroners and assistant coroners in various rural and regional locations throughout NSW.

Metropolitan and regional hearings  

Coronial inquests (hearings) in the Sydney metropolitan area are generally conducted by the State Coroner or one of the Deputy State Coroners in the Coroners Court at Lidcombe.

The State Coroner and Deputy State Coroners also travel to regional courthouses to conduct inquests when required. 

Local Court magistrates in their capacity as Coroners also conduct inquests in regional areas.

More information

Read about the jurisdiction of the Coroner and what happens when the Coroner is involved. You can also check the list of upcoming inquests.

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